Operation Pollinator

Operation PollinatorBumble bees and other important pollinators are returning to European farmland, thanks to growers working with Syngenta to restore vital pollen and nectar-rich habitats on their farms.

Since 1990 bumble bees on arable farms have been on the decline, primarily through loss of vital pollen and nectar food resources and nesting sites as cropping patterns changed.

Syngenta-led Operation Pollinator is an international initiative to restore natural habitats and food sources to revive the fortunes of the bumble bee. This work also benefits butterflies and many other important insects that thrive in pollen and nectar habitats. The project follows the success of Operation Bumblebee in the UK, and is also taking place in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the USA. Operation Pollinator trains farmers to make use of field margins and pockets of land where crops cannot easily be farmed by sowing a special flowering plant seed mix developed by Syngenta. This practice has now also been adopted for use in UK government agri-environment schemes. The project has helped to significantly increase bumble bee populations – with up to 300 times more bumble bees being found on participating farms.

This approach is being integrated with conventional farming techniques to help develop sustainable agriculture systems. Pollinator populations will be monitored on all participating farms, making a valuable contribution to independent research in this area.