About E-Licensing

Syngenta's new e-licensing system provides quick and easy access to our patented native traits and enabling technologies in order to improve plant breeding and increase innovation in agriculture.

At a time when farmers face more pressures than ever before, Syngenta believes we need to find progressive ways of making our beneficial traits and technologies accessible to plant breeders around the world. This will help ensure that companies large and small can develop the diverse crop varieties farmers require.

Currently, obtaining licenses for proprietary traits and technologies can be lengthy and costly, especially for small companies. That is why we have set up an efficient, facilitated licensing process so that plant breeders, companies and public research institutes can access many of our most important plant-related innovations with transparent and FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) conditions. Under our new e-licensing system, the financial terms are clear, no negotiation is necessary and we ensure a fair sharing of benefits (i.e. added value) between patent owner, grower and licensee.

We hope our e-license system will revolutionize access and uptake of our native traits and enabling technologies to help farmers around the world.

Key elements of the e-license system include:

  • Easy and quick access to licenses via the internet; no need for lengthy and complex negotiations
  • Transparency of FRAND licensing conditions, applicable to all plant breeders or other parties interested in a license
  • Accessibility to a portfolio of patented enabling technologies which support plant breeders in their development of better and higher yielding varieties of any crop, including:
    • A free research license for academic or non-for-profit parties
    • A standard license agreement for other entities, with commercial terms adapted for small, medium and large entity sizes
  • Accessibility to a portfolio of patented native traits present in Syngenta’s commercial vegetables varieties, including:
    • Transparency of Syngenta commercial varieties that contain the patented traits
    • "Free access" for licensed native traits during development and breeding of new varieties
    • Royalty payment only due if the newly-developed and commercialized variety contains the patented native trait.

Please explore our website and feel free to provide feedback or questions. We look forward to sharing our technologies with you to achieve our collective goal of improving breeding and innovation in agriculture.

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