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Syngenta is committed to developing high-oleic and high-performing sunflower hybrids to help growers capitalize on market opportunities. We also invest in traits that make the crop easier to grow -- from improved disease tolerance that reduces disease management needs to herbicide-tolerant hybrids that provide broad-spectrum weed management options.
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Syngenta screens our industry-leading germplasm around the world to identify genetics that fit U.S. growing conditions. We then test that germplasm in fields near you to ensure it meets local needs
Grower Testimonials
"I like CruiserMaxx Sunflower insecticide/fungicide combination because it gives me a great stand and good crop vigor, in addition to disease and insect protection."
Doug Trefz, S.D.
Sunflower Pest Solution Resource
Sunflower Resource Page - Information on pestsThe Sunflower Pest Solution Resource provides descriptions, symptoms and management recommendations for yield-robbing diseases, insects and weeds in sunflower crops. Learn how to protect your sunflower crop from these damaging pests and help ensure maximum yield potential this season.
CruiserMaxx Sunflower
Close up image of a sunflowerCruiserMaxx® Sunflower insecticide/fungicide seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products, helps sunflower stands start strong through effective protection against a broad spectrum of early-season insects and diseases.