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A successful harvest starts with quality seed. Our Hilleshog® brand varieties provide market-leading disease tolerance packages adapted to your local growing conditions. To maximize field performance, we use special processing equipment and techniques developed to optimize seed quality. As a result, our Hilleshog brand varieties consistently deliver improved plantability, strong emergence, high-quality sugar content and top yield.
Co-op Variety Guides
Our Syngenta breeding program is dedicated to delivering sugarbeet varieties that deliver consistent field performance. Check out the Hilleshog brand sugarbeet varieties approved for your co-op.
Grower Testimonials
"Personally, I like the 4094RR variety because of its extensive disease package. The 4094RR has seemed to be healthier than other varieties I have used in past years. As sugarbeet growers, our concern is combating disease because it can take away from yield, and it affects quality, as well. I have always been a yield guy, so disease management is important to me. We have had the most problems with Rhizoctonia and have used Quadris® fungicide regularly to manage it. This disease is like an illness, so it is important to focus on a continued strong research effort to control Rhizoctonia."
Pat Mahar, sugarbeet grower from Cavalier, N.D.
Sugarbeet Pest Solution Resource
Sugarbeet Pest Solution ResourceThe Sugarbeet Pest Solution Resource provides current information about the most damaging sugarbeet diseases, insects and nematodes. Learn what to look for and what steps to take to keep unwanted pests from damaging your sugar content and yield.
Energy Beet
Energy BeetThe energy beet market is an exciting opportunity for growers and the bioenergy industry. For more information about what Syngenta is doing in this market, please contact Tyler Ring.
The Sugarbeet Agronomy Resource
The Sugarbeet Agronomy ResourceThe Sugarbeet Agronomy Resource provides information and solutions for some of the industry’s most prevalent yield-robbing agronomic issues. Find out how to protect your sugarbeets all season long to grow more high quality sugar.