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NK soybeans bring advanced technology to the table
A legacy of performance
Plant the seeds of change with NK Soybeans. As a leader in soybean plant breeding for more than 45 years, we develop NK Soybeans from one of the industry’s largest germplasm pools. Each variety is tailored to meet your growing environment, resulting in higher yield potential.
NK soybeans have elite genetics and industry-leading traits
Elite genetics
Our Y.E.S. Yield Engineering System™, a marker-assisted breeding innovation, enables the development of NK Soybeans. These varieties are comprised of elite genetics and industry-leading traits, and our top-line varieties feature built-in resistance to damaging pests, such as soybean cyst nematode and sudden death syndrome.
NK soybeans break yield ceiling
High-yielding varieties
At Syngenta, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation. We continuously invest in seed genetics and innovative trait technology to deliver the quality, high-yielding varieties that you have come to expect. Additionally, we offer complete product solutions so you can break through yield barriers and grow more soybeans.
NK Soybean Testimonials
Ryan Britton
Syngenta Seed Advisor™ and grower
Mounds, IL
testimonial quote “It’s easy for me to recommend NK® Soybeans because Syngenta has new technology coming, and NK Soybeans currently show a 3+-bushel-per-acre yield gain over the competition.”
Jeremiah (J.D.) Deppe
New Washington, Indiana
testimonial quote "This is the first year I’ve planted NK Soybeans, and those varieties make up 100 percent of my fields. We planted NK Soybeans S39-U2 and S41-N2 brands, and they were both, across the board, the best yields we’ve ever had."

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