"The biggest way Syngenta supports me is through their traits and genetics. They make me feel really good about the direction Syngenta is headed, especially in the trait department. I think that is something that is ever-changing in the world of the grower. I've got faith in the company that they're one step ahead."

-Alan Cowser, Syngenta Seed Advisor, Princeville, Ill.

Introducing Syngenta Seed Advisors:
Putting Customer Solutions Into Action.
  • Confident.
  • Collaborative.
  • Passionate.
Syngenta Seed Advisors are focused on meeting the needs of growers by providing a consultative, whole acre recommendation designed to deliver customized solutions to their challenges.

Syngenta Seed Advisors combine an intense knowledge of local farming conditions with superior agronomic expertise, a strong emphasis on customer service, and the confidence of the broad and proven Syngenta portfolio of seeds, traits, seed care and crop protection products.

What does it mean to be a Syngenta Seed Advisor?
  • It means helping farmers grow more by simplifying complex production decisions, such as the interaction of genetics, traits and crop protection.
  • It means taking great pride in recommending the right hybrids and varieties to perform in specific field conditions.
Selling seed is just a small part of what a Syngenta Seed Advisor does.