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As a result of new combinations from a broader genetic pool and better science, Syngenta has achieved the fastest overall rate of genetic gain in portfolio over the past six years. Our state-of-the-art molecular marker technology enables the creation of NK corn hybrids with high genetic yield, regardless of the environment.

In addition to breakout genetics, NK corn hybrids contain breakthrough traits, including four superior traits developed by Syngenta over a five-year period – unparalleled in the industry:
  • Agrisure Artesian®

  • Agrisure Duracade™

  • Agrisure Viptera®

  • Enogen®
These industry-leading traits along with the breakout genetics in NK corn seed contribute to higher yields, better grain quality and exceptional standability.

Not only is NK corn backed by the power of Syngenta R&D, NK corn is also backed by your local retailer. Syngenta is the only company that provides total acre solutions in collaboration with your retailer. Our portfolio of genetics, traits, seed treatments and crop protection products complement crop nutrition and other products offered by local retailers to help you grow more corn.

Contact your local Syngenta sales rep or retailer today to learn more about NK corn hybrids.
Agrisure corn traits
Agrisure corn traits
The Agrisure product line is comprised of high-performance traits available in elite hybrids, developed to provide best-in-class insect control and exceptional herbicide tolerance in corn. Agrisure traits offer growers new opportunities to maximize their yields and grow their business.
Every field is unique, with its own needs, requiring different hybrids and varieties, seed care and crop protection products. No one understands the importance of customized, tailored solutions better than your NK Seeds retailer. Together, Syngenta and your NK Seeds retailer are committed to providing the best products for your acres.
Agrisure Artesian
Agrisure ArtesianAgrisure Artesian™ technology provides growers with a new level of season-long drought protection, allowing them to grow more corn in moisture-stressed environments. This technology is available in combination with the industry’s best available traits for insect control and herbicide tolerance in hybrids that are widely adapted for use in all yield environments.
Agrisure Viptera
Agrisure VipteraThe Agrisure Viptera® 3111 trait stack controls more insects than any other trait stack on the market, offering the broadest available spectrum of above- and below-ground insect control.