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NK corn seed genetics
Breakout genetics
We've achieved the fastest overall rate of genetic gain in portfolio over the past 7 years. Our Yield Engineering System (Y.E.S.), a marker-assisted breeding innovation, enables the creation of NK corn hybrids with high genetic yield and agronomic traits suited to the environment.
Breakthrough Agrisure traits
Breakthrough traits
NK corn hybrids feature breakthrough Agrisure traits, including four superior traits developed by Syngenta over a five-year period – unparalleled in the industry. These traits, along with the breakout genetics in NK corn seed, contribute to higher yields, better grain quality and exceptional standability. Learn more about Agrisure traits.
Partnership with your retailer
Collaborative support
We’ve created a support system comprised of local sales and agronomy representatives to collaborate with your retailers. They provide retailers with local data, agronomic insight and best-in-class products—enabling them to deliver systems, solutions and services customized for your needs.
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Here's how the corn hybrid naming system works:
NK corn naming system
      A “N” indicates NK Corn.
      B  Syngenta maturity group. These maturity groups usually include 4-6 days of relative maturity. The larger the number, the later the hybrid.
      C  Can essentially be treated as a fraction of a maturity group. For example, 45, could be looked at as 4.5, or a mid-maturity group 4.
      D  Randomly designated letter.
      E  Separates the genetic and trait portions.
      F  Trait designator aligned with Agrisure traits:
        • First number represents Herbicide Tolerance Technology Series
        • Second number represents number of modes of action against broad lepidopteran pests
        • Third number represents number of modes of action against corn borer
        • Fourth number represents number of modes of action against corn rootworm
        • “A” denotes Agrisure Artesian technology
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