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Golden Harvest is the most innovative corn seed in the marketplace. Period.
Breakout genetics
The breakout genetics behind Golden Harvest corn have led to a surge of brand new hybrids expected to deliver an average of 10 bushels per acre more than the past Syngenta portfolio, offering proven performance across a variety of environmental conditions.
Syngenta traits and seed advisors
Breakthrough traits and state-of-the-art technologies
Through accelerated trait conversion, Syngenta has dramatically increased the speed at which all-new traits are integrated into the product portfolio – combating issues ranging from pest control to water optimization. Learn more about Agrisure traits and the Syngenta Yield Engineering System.
Syngenta research and development
Local Expertise and Consultation
Syngenta Seed Advisors provide intense local knowledge and agronomic expertise to address complex challenges with customized whole acre recommendations. With access to the industry’s broadest and most diverse portfolio of hybrids, they are here to help you grow more corn. Learn more about Syngenta Seed Advisors here.
Learn more about the Golden Harvest Path to Performance
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Here's how the corn hybrid naming system works:
Golden Harvest naming system
    A “G” indicates Golden Harvest.
    B  Last two digits of relative maturity number.
    C  Randomly designated letter and two-digit number.
    D  Separates the genetic and trait portions.
    E  From Agrisure traits naming system.
      • First number represents Herbicide Tolerance Technology Series
      • Second number represents number of modes of action against broad lepidopteran pests
      • Third number represents number of modes of action against corn borer
      • Fourth number represents number of modes of action against corn rootworm
      • “A” denotes Agrisure Artesian technology
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