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Substantial value for growers

Growers access Enogen technology through a technology license with Syngenta and a corn production contract with an Enogen licensed ethanol plant. Grain premiums paid to Enogen corn growers help to add substantial value and revenue potential per acre.

Enogen traited corn hybrids are available in elite germplasm and with preferred Syngenta insect and herbicide resistant traits, and producing Enogen corn does not require changes in cultural farming practices. Numerous trials have shown that Enogen traited corn hybrids perform equal to or better than other high-performing corn hybrids1. Upon acceptance of the Enogen grain by the ethanol plant, growers are paid market rates—plus a premium—for each bushel delivered.

Enogen corn growers work directly with their local ethanol plant, helping to add value for the plant and the local community. Additionally, the U.S. ethanol industry has had a profoundly positive impact on the U.S. economy and on rural America. Corn ethanol has enlarged and strengthened the market for American grown corn that has supported corn price levels and grower profitability.

1 Based on a Syngenta hybrid performance comparison study in 2008.

Key Elements of the Enogen Growers Program
  • Grain premiums paid upon delivery, per terms of agreement with ethanol plant.
  • Grain pricing options set by ethanol plant (e.g. flat price, basis, hedge to arrive, etc.).
  • Simple but specific grain production handling storage and transportation protocol and designated grain delivery windows
  • Grain premiums paid on all bushels produced and delivered on acres planted to Enogen corn hybrids

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