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Enogen Corn Enzyme Technology
Enogen corn enzyme technology is the first genetically modified output trait in corn specifically for the ethanol industry, and it is available only from Syngenta.

See how Enogen corn revolutionizes ethanol production from start to finish, benefitting farmers, ethanol producers and consumers.
"It's exciting to work with ethanol plants and to grow a product that they want. It's not just growing corn anymore, it's growing Enogen corn that these ethanol plants are going to want and need, and as a farmer, it makes you feel like you're doing something important for them, too."
Mike Missman - Grower, Woden, IA

Enogen Team Fuels the FEW
Featured Item 2 The Syngenta Enogen team recently made their way to the 30th annual Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) to share their passion for ethanol at the Enogen corn enzyme technology booth. The conference gave ethanol producers and industry affiliations the chance to network and explore cutting-edge technologies and current ethanol industry trends.

See how Enogen benefits ethanol producers.
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