Agrisure Traits
The Agrisure® product line is comprised of high-performance traits available in elite hybrids, developed to provide best-in-class insect control and exceptional herbicide tolerance in corn. Agrisure traits offer growers new opportunities to maximize their yields and grow their businesses.
No one understands the importance of customized, tailored solutions better than Syngenta. Every field is unique, with its own needs, requiring different technologies. We know that with the right combination of trait, seed and crop protection technologies, growers will get results that exceed their expectations. We are committed to offering the best products for every acre and are confident our traits will help farmers grow more corn.
Agrisure Artesian
Hybrids with Agrisure Artesian™ technology maximize yield when it rains, and increase yield up to 15 percent when it doesn’t.
Agrisure Duracade
Agrisure Duracade™ is the next-generation corn rootworm trait from Syngenta.
Agrisure 3122
Hybrids containing the Agrisure® 3122 trait stack offer growers the yield benefits of a reduced-refuge trait stack featuring two modes of action against corn borer and corn rootworm.
Agrisure 3220
Hybrids containing the Agrisure Viptera® 3220 trait stack or the Agrisure Viptera 3220 E-Z Refuge™ trait stack contain the breakthrough Agrisure Viptera trait for unsurpassed control of the multi-pest complex including corn earworm, along with dual modes of action against multiple above-ground lepidopteran pests and corn borer.
Agrisure Viptera 3111
The Agrisure Viptera® 3111 trait stack controls more insects than any other trait stack on the market.
Agrisure Viptera 3110
The Agrisure Viptera® 3110 trait stack delivers unparalleled control of above-ground insects for growers who do not need to manage for corn rootworm.
Agrisure 3000 GT
With corn borer and corn rootworm control, the Agrisure® 3000GT triple stack provides the ultimate in yield protection plus the flexibility to choose weed management practices that meet individual needs.
Agrisure GT
Hybrids with the Agrisure® GT trait provide tolerance to in-crop applications of glyphosate-based herbicides while offering growers a full range of assurances and the freedom to choose their preferred glyphosate brand.