Corn rootworms are estimated to cost U.S. farmers more than a $1 billion annually in yield losses and treatment costs. How much are corn rootworms stealing from your farm?
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CRW Control


Yield Potential
The Agrisure Duracade trait delivers unmatched corn rootworm control. This proprietary technology features a novel mode of action against corn rootworm that is distinct from the Agrisure® RW trait. This trait is the first corn rootworm trait launched with insect resistance management in mind. It will only be available stacked with a second corn rootworm trait, and offered as a 5 percent integrated, single-bag refuge product via the Agrisure Duracade 5122 E-Z Refuge® and Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge® trait stacks.
The Agrisure Duracade 5122 E-Z Refuge trait stack combines the Agrisure Duracade trait with the Agrisure RW trait for dual modes of action against corn rootworm; the Agrisure CB/LL trait for control of corn borer; the Herculex® I trait for an additional mode of action against corn borer and broad lepidopteran control; and the Agrisure GT trait for glyphosate tolerance.
The Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge trait stack includes the same traits as the Agrisure Duracade 5122 E-Z Refuge trait stack with the addition of the Agrisure Viptera® trait for breakthough control of the multi-pest complex, a collection of the most destructive lepidopteran corn pests.
As part of a robust trait package that controls corn rootworm and preserves technology durability, the Agrisure Duracade trait will serve as the cornerstone of a more effective corn rootworm management system that includes traits, best-in-class seed care and industry-leading crop protection products. The Agrisure Duracade trait will be available for planting in 2014.


  • Unmatched corn rootworm control
  • Features the industry's first Bt hybrid corn insect control protein, eCry3.1A
  • Reduces corn rootworm beetle emergence by 99.79 percent—the highest reported reduction of any corn rootworm trait*
  • Active against Western corn rootworm, Northern corn rootworm and Mexican corn rootworm
  • A brand new mode of action




Have You Heard?

Corn rootworm robs corn farmers of more than $1 billion annually. Knowing the effects of corn rootworm feeding can help farmers make more informed decisions about how to combat this yield-robbing pest. Listen to the audio clips below to learn about how to effectively control corn rootworm and grow more corn with the Agrisure Duracade trait.

2013 Performance Summaries





*Mortality Impact of Bt Transgenic Maize Roots Expressing eCry3.1Ab, mCry3A, and eCry3.1Ab Plus mCry3A on Western Corn Rootworm Larvae in the Field. Bruce E. Hibbard, Daniel L. Frank, Ryan Kurtz, Eric Boudreau, Mark R. Ellersieck, and J. Frederick Odhiambo. Journal of Economic Entomology. 2011, 104 (5). 1584-1591.