Syngenta barley is used to brew 20 billion litres of Europe’s beer!

Seeds in the UK

UK agriculture touches our lives on a daily basis. There are over three million hectares of croppable land producing crops for both UK consumption and export markets.

We breed a wide range of field and vegetable crops which play a vital role in helping UK growers to raise the quality and quantity of their produce.

Field Crops

Cereal Crops - Syngenta is the only company in the world currently developing and commercialising hybrid winter barley, helping to address the demands of growing more from less. 

WheatWheat - the UK’s main cereal crop, with over two million hectares grown annually. Quality wheat is used  to produce many different foods including bread, biscuits, cakes and breakfast cereals; feed wheat is used as an animal feed. New markets include distilling, starch and bioethanol are opening up.

BarleyBarley - just over one million hectares of barley is grown in the UK each year. Malting barley is used in the production of beer and whisky while feed barley is used as an animal feed.

For information about our wheat and barley varieties visit

Oilseed Rape
Oilseed RapeYellow fields of oilseed rape are one of the countryside’s prettiest sights, covering over 0.5 million hectares each year. The seed is crushed and used to produce rapeseed oil which is one of the healthiest culinary oils. Oilseed rape is also used in animal feed. For information about our oilseed rape varieties visit

MaizeMost of the UK’s 100,000 hectares of maize is forage maize which is used to produce high quality silage for dairy and beef cattle. Historically, the area of maize grown in the UK has been relatively small, but it is increasing as breeders develop new varieties more suitable to the UK climate. For information about our maize varieties visit

Sugar BeetSugar Beet
UK farmers grow over 7.5 million tonnes of sugar beet each year on 120,000 hectares of land. Sugar produced from beet is a key ingredient in many foods and drinks and Syngenta varieties produce the equivalent of over half a million bags of sugar in the UK every year. For information about our sugar beet varieties visit   


VegetablesFresh vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. Our vegetable seeds are provided under our S&G brand. We breed, market and distribute high quality vegetable seed varieties to satisfy everyone from the grower to the consumer.

In the UK we offer a wide range of vegetable seeds, for brassicas, salads, alliums and more.

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