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Massive grain yields, early maturity and excellent standing power make NK Falkone an ideal variety for dried and crimped grain maize.

Status: NIAB Descriptive List grain maize

Whether you are growing for dry grain in favourable areas or combining at 30-35% moisture content for crimping and ensiling in less favourable areas, the usual compromise between yield and earliness does not apply to NK Falkone. It produces large grain yields without the delayed harvest experienced with some other high-yielding varieties.

With a good Harvestability score, NK Falkone also stands up well for a reliable harvest.

NK Falkone - Forage
NK Falkone also produces high yields of digestible forage silage.

This has been confirmed by three years of trials data from The Netherlands where it is earlier and higher yielding than UK first choice varieties Salgado and Podium. This means NK Falkone can be grown specifically as a high energy, mid-early forage variety or provide the flexibility to switch from forage to grain as the season progresses.


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