Tecto 500 FW 


The broad spectrum curative and systemic fungicide for the control of diseases in ornamentals and fruits



Suspension Concentrate

Active Ingredient

Thiabendazole 500g/Litre

Chemical Family


Toxicological Information

WHO Class: III (unlikely to cause acute hazard in normal use)

Mode of Action


Spectrum of Activity

Thiabendazole is a systemic fungicide with protective and curative activity. It inhibits mitosis by binding to tubuline and thus severely impairs fungal growth and development. Thiabendazole forms a protective deposit on the treated surface of leaves, flowers, fruits and tubers.  It is also effective against a wide range of plant pathogenic fungi that may be present in the soil or harvested crops.

Fungi inhibited by Thiabendazole include: botrytis cinerea, Fusarium oxysporum, Rhizoctoria spp, and several other fungi.


  • Does not leave unsightly residues on treated produce 
  • Reliable and broad-spectrum disease control reduces crop losses 
  • Post-harvest applications help prevent storage diseases and extends crop shelf life 
  • No negative impact on either the taste or smell of treated crops 
  • Flexible application either as a drench, a dip or foliar spray
















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