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Tylka F1

"Discover Tylka F1 - The new Green House tomato on Growers and Buyers lips"



Why Tylka F1?


    1.    TASTE

A sweet tomato is the pick for Buyers. Tylka F1 is a particularly good tasting variety without a bitter after taste.

    2.    SHAPE

The oval (saladette) shaped tomato is attractive to buyers. Tylka F1 is shaped to sell.

    3.     FIRMNESS

Tylka F1 is hard and can withstand transportation without mashing.



Kilele F1

"Introducing Kilele F1 - the open field farming tomato with a knock out kit against tomato yellow leaf curl virus and nematodies"


Why Kilele F1




With 3 times the yield of non-hybrid tomatoes. Kilele F1 gives 30-35 tomatoes per acre, under good agronomic practices.






Hardness in a tomato increases its shelf life and transportability




3.    SWEET


A sweet tomato is a pick for buyers. Kilele F1 is a particularly good tasting variety without a bitter after-taste






Whereas most non-hybrid competitors exhaust production within 4 weeks. Kilele F1 harvesting goes on for up to 10 weeks under good agronomic conditions.



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Plant type


● Tylka F1 is an early to medium indeterminate (requires staking) hybrid tomato ideal for passive greenhouse and outdoor production.


● Strong and open plant type with medium foliage and highly responsive to fertilizer and irrigation.


● First bloom appears in 35-40 days.



● 75 days after transplanting

Production/ Yield


● Average production of 70 - 80 tons per acre under good agronomic practice.


● Has a long harvesting period of 4 to 6 months




● Elongated firm and oval fruit type (saladette).


● Good sweet flavour.


● Fruit size: 100-130 grams


● Shelf life: over 21 days when harvested at mature green stage.

Disease resistance


Tylka F1 is resistant to the following diseases:


● Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)


● Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV): 0-2


● Grey leaf spot


● Fusarium crown and root rot


● Verticillium & fusarium wilt (race 1 and 2)


● Nematodes (M. incognita)














Plant Type


● Kilele F1 is a medium early determinate elongated hybrid for bush and staked cultures.

● It is suitable for dryer and more humid areas or periods.




● 75 days after transplanting.




● Average 30 – 35 tonnes per acre under good agronomic practice.


● Kilele F1 can be harvested up to a period of 10 weeks.




● Very firm elongated (oval), non greenback, smooth and firm square fruits with an average fruit weight of 120 – 130 grams.


● Shelf life – over 21 days when harvested at mature stage.


Disease Resistance


● Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) (Gathuri/ ngumi)


● Tomato Mosaic Virus (ToMV): 0-2


● Verticillium & Fusarium wilt (race 1 and 2)


● Nematodes (M.incognita/++)