The Systemic Dipterous Leafminer Specialist




Trigard® acts as an insect growth regulator and is selective towards beneficials. When used in alternation with VERTIMEC® , resistance buildup is prevented due to differing modes of action, providing the ideal resistance management rotation for vegetable leafminer control.






  1. Active Ingredient:


  1. Cyromazine


Soluble Concentrate


Mode of Action:


As an insect growth regulator Trigard® interferes with the natural control of growth mechanisms within an insect, causing incomplete growth, stunting altered growth rates or failure to reach adulthood.

Main Benefits of Using TRIGARD® :


  • -  Trigard® acts systemically and penetrates quickly into the leaves. It specifically controls leafminers.
  • -  Trigard® is rainfast due to quick penetration into the leaves.
  • -  Trigard® is suitable for soil applications where it is absorbed by the roots.
  • -  Trigard® can be mixed with most insecticides and fungicides.

-  Trigard® belongs to a chemical class has no known resistance issues.

Trigard®  is safe to parasitic wasps and predaceous mites. It fits in well with IPM programs

  • - Applied to the soil, Trigard® has a longlasting effect and replaces a number of foliar sprays.
  • -  Trigard® has low mammalian toxicity, so there is no risk to spray operators.












For additional information on Trigard 100 SL, you can download its SAFETY DATA SHEET here. Proclaim 5 SG

Trigard 100 SL Safety Data Sheet